Student Fees

  • For M.Div single students will be provided accommodation, food and class materials at PTS.
  • A Laptops and an email connection are recommended but not provided for class instruction.
  • Married men can apply in the regular procedure and attend online classes by remitting the tuition fee.

For M.Div Students

  • Fee structure is on a 8 month basis.  This is inclusive of admission, tuition fees, mess and accommodation. Payment is on a half yearly basis.

M.Div Fee Structure

  • Tuition fee Rs. 3,500/- per student, per month. This MUST be paid in ADVANCE before each QUARTER. Failure to do so will be that the student will not be allowed to attend class and single students will be asked to vacate the dormitory.
  • Single Student’s Dormitory:  Rs. 2,500/- per month
  • Married men with families can attend online or find their own accommodation in Goa to attend classes at the Seminary.
  • Meals: Monthly orders to be given in writing and with full payment to the PTS Administrator. Meals will be provided ONLY for single students who place orders, with full payments, in ADVANCE. No meals will be provided for married couples.
  • Total: Single Students: Tuition: Rs. 3500 + Dormitory: Rs. 2500 + Meals: as ordered and paid for in full per month  
              Married Students: Tuition: Rs. 3500
  • 1st Module of 4 months commences 2nd June 2022.  Payment must be made by May 15
  • 2nd Module of 4 months commences 1st December 2021.  Payment must be made by November 15
  • Married men with family can also take up own accommodation in Goa to attend classes at the Seminary.
  • 1st and 2 Modules commences on 2nd August 2021 and 1st December 2021

For Online Preacher’s Academy Students

  • Requirements are – Laptop or cell phone with video camera
  • – free account with a good internet connection
  • Apply and Register online
  • Utilize the fee payment portal in our website
  • Please note attendance of all classes on all days is mandatory
  • Assignments will be given during class

Fees are to be paid online and please e-mail the fee remittance details to us at


Refunds are processed on a case by case basis.