Residential Masters of Divinity Program

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This program is for men who are called to pastoral ministry and can devote three years to study residentially and full-time on campus. Courses run continuously for eight months of the year with a summer and winter break. The academic year starts in August and ends in February.

Features of Full-time program

  • Faculty that is seasoned in ministry and Biblical Exposition
  • Over 100 hours of Expository Preaching Labs
  • In-Depth Training in Biblical Greek and Hebrew
  • Bible Software provided to full-time students
  • Courses that Ground the Student in Biblical Theology
  • An Emphasis on Practical Theology and Counselling
  • Early Christian and Indian Church History
  • Discipleship and Prayer emphasis in Student Life
  • Practical Local Church Involvement
  • Residential quarters are provided only for single men
  • Married men who apply can attend online classes, or find their own accommodation in Goa.

Seminary Fee Structure

  • Tuition fee Rs. 3,500/- per month
  • Dormitory Fee Rs. 2,500/- per month
  • Meals: Monthly orders to be given in writing and with full payment to the PTS Administrator. Meals will be provided ONLY for single students who place orders, with full payments, in ADVANCE. No meals will be provided for married couples.
  • 1st Module of 4 months commences 2nd June 2022
  • 2nd Module of 4 months commences 1st December 2022

Course List

Bible Exposition

Hermeneutics: 3 Units

OT Survey I: 4 Units

OT Survey II: 4 Units

NT Survey: 4 Units

Expository Preaching I (Working through an OT Book): 3 Units

Expository Preaching II (Working through an OT Book): 3 Units

Expository Preaching III (Working through an OT Book): 3 Units

Expository Preaching IV (Working through an NT Epistle) 3 Units

Expository Preaching V (Working through an NT Epistle): 3 Units

Expository Preaching VI (Working through an NT Epistle): 3 Units

Expository Preaching VII (Working through an NT Epistle): 3 Units

Expository Preaching VIII (Working through an NT Epistle): 3 Units

New Testament

Beginning Greek I: 3 Units

Beginning Greek II: 3 Units

Greek Exegesis I: 4 Units

Greek Exegesis II: 4 Units

Exegesis of Romans: 3 Units

Old Testament

Beginning Hebrew I: 3 Units

Beginning Hebrew II: 3 Units

Hebrew Exegesis: 3 Units

Exegesis of Selected Psalms: 3 Units


Theology I (Bibliology, Theology Proper): 3 Units

Theology II (Christology, Pneumatology, Angelology): 3 Units

Theology III (Anthropology, Harmartiology, Soteriology): 3 Units

Theology IV (Ecclesiology, Eschatology): 3 Units

Church History: 2 Units

Indian Church History: 2 Units

Practical Theology I: 2 Units

Practical Theology II: 2 Units

Practical Theology III:    Principles and Practice of Leading Home Bible Studies: 3 Units

Practical Theology IV:    Principles and Practice of Church Planting/ Worship: 3 Units

Practical Theology V:     Pastoral Counseling: 2 Units

Practical Theology VI:    Apologetics and Evangelism: 2 Units