Rules of Conduct

Dress Code

  1. While in class students are required to wear a collared dress shirt, and full length trousers. Students violating this rule may be expelled from class by the faculty.
  2. All other times students may dress casually, remembering that this is a mixed campus with family and children and respectability needs to be maintained.

Devotional and Spiritual Life – Chapel

  1. The purpose of chapel is to provide a model of expository preaching and refresh the students spiritually. Attendance at chapel is mandatory.
  2. Wives are encouraged to attend chapel if they can. Children are not allowed unless they can sit still and be quiet (chapel time runs for two hours).
  3. A Fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied per absence. Excessive absences will result in expulsion.
  4. Only in severe emergencies will a student be exempted from chapel attendance. Normally, prior permission is required.
  5. All students are required to attend church every Sunday. If you have excessive absences you may be expelled from PTS
  6. You are responsible to have devotions every morning at 6:30am
  7. Every evening excepting weekends you will be required to meet for a corporate prayer meeting at 6:00-6:30pm in the chapel hall. Student leaders will lead this time.

Student Schedule/ Discipline

  1. Wake up time is at 6’oclock sharp.
  2. All should be present in the dining hall at the scheduled time, and give thanks for the Food corporately.
  3. If not present at the scheduled time without advance notice a fine of Rs 50 will be levied per lateness
  4. Only dining area is to be used for serving and eating.
  5. After night study/prayer students must put lights OFF completely and maintain silence in residential areas.
  6. Lights off at 10:30 p.m sharp.
  7. For late night study make use of the Library only.


  1. Students are not allowed to enter the kitchen accept for Saturday cooking.
  2. No one is allowed to ask for any extra kitchen items (rice, vegetables, vessels, etc).
  3. Latecomers are not allowed to ask for any extra food items from the cook.
  4. Menu planning is final. No special requests will be entertained.
  5. Dining hall must be kept clean. Vessels, tables, chairs, spoons, glasses and plates must not leave the dining areas. If vessels and utensils are missing responsible student or all will be fined.


  1. Student rooms will be checked once a week by Resident Assistants. You are responsible for both the outside and inside areas of your residence.
  2. All the toilets and bathrooms have to be cleaned every day (roomwise rotation), after personal use and by teams at the end of the day.
  3. There will be a roomwise rotation to clean all the doors of the toilets and bathrooms and the walls once a week.

Library & Computers

  1. We have a separate computer and library room. Please maintain silence in these areas during student usage.
  2. Library supervisors will be maintaining check in and check out in a register. Non students are not allowed to use the library, except by special permission.
  3. Students are allowed to take books only for one week. Late submission will be charged per day at Rs. 10/- per book.
  4. If you loose books you will be required to reimburse PTS for the cost of a replacement.
  5. Please do not mark books with pencil, pen, marker pen and color markers.
  6. Dictionaries, Commentaries, Word study books, will not be permitted outside the library.
  7. Please shelve the books back in the respective place after you use them.

Student Campus Work

  1. Every Saturday the PTS compound and its surroundings will be cleaned. This is compulsory for all the students from 10-11: 30 am.
  2. Any Student failing to show up without a valid reason and advance notice will be fined Rs. 100.oo.
  3. The Supervisor students are to report to for duty is the PTS Resident Assistant.

Please Make Note of the Following Items:

  1. The RA will keep a Register for check in and check out time.
  2. For valid excused absence, at least one day’s written notice is required. A Request form has to be filled by the student and given approval by the RA.


  1. Failure to pay your fees on time will result in a fine of Rs 50 per day.
  2. Continued nonpayment will result in removal of student from PTS till dues are paid. Results and Certificates will be withheld till all dues are cleared.
  3. Guests will be allowed only with prior approval and prior payment (Rs. 500.00 per day).

Medical Insurance Coverage

  1. All students and PTS families are required to purchase medical insurance coverage for in-patient hospital charges.
  2. If you opt out of this and choose to avail of Government hospitals you will be required to sign a waiver with our office.