Grading Standards

To distinguish various levels of achievement in the mastery of subject material, in effectiveness of research, in fulfillment of assignments and responsibilities, or in improvement in personal and ministry skills, as appropriate for each course, the seminary employs the following grading symbols:

  • A and A-  = Exceptional achievement
  • B+, B, and B- = Above average achievement
  • C+, C, and C- = Fair or average achievement
  • D+, D, and D- =Below average, minimally acceptable achievement
  • F = Unacceptable achievement, failure.

A failing grade (F) requires a student to repeat a course. However, when the course is repeated, the second grade is recorded in such a manner as to delete any negative effect of the failing grade from the overall grade for the program.

Class Attendance

It is imperative that students are faithful to attend all required classes in a punctual manner. If a student consistently fails to attend classes or is habitually late for class, the professor will consider a reduction in the student’s overall grade for that class. A fine of Rs. 100.00 per day will be levied for late attendance or unpermitted absence.