Part Time Preacher’s Academy: Certificate in Biblical Exposition

Preacher’s Academy Registration

Cost: Rs. 2000 for single student, including food, accommodation and materials.

This program is designed for Pastors and Church Leaders that desire our Certificate of Expository Preaching and would like to do it part time or bi-vocationally. Our courses will run for one week once every three months and can be accumulated for credit towards a Certificate in Expository Preaching.

Features of Preacher’s Academy :

  • Part-time course structure for men who are in full time ministry or other vocations
  • One week sessions held every three months for intensive Biblical training
  • Home assignments in book reading and practical ministry projects
  • Different tracks that individually emphasize Hermeneutics, Theology, Practical Ministry, Expository Preaching and Bible Exposition
  • Certificates are recognized by The Masters Academy International, USA
  • Accommodation is provided for students during the course week


  • We only train men who are genuinely saved and called to ministry
  • Applicants must be graduates

Course Structure

Each Preachers Academy one week module offers three Bible exposition and Expository Preaching courses, covering individual OT and NT books. A Preachers Academy completion certificate is given at the end of each module if requested. If eight individual and consecutive modules are completed successfully, a Certificate in Expository Preaching will be issued. Application requirements are different for Certificate in Expository Preaching and in just attending the Preachers Academy session. The student must apply specifically for the certificate program. This course is flexible and the Pastor/leader can take a break and participate as they are able to.

  • All classes on a book will require students to preach one passage as a sermon to be evaluated in class.
  • Workbooks will be given for each class with homework for every day, to be completed before the next classes
  • Grades will be recorded for each class.  Students that finish all four modules will receive a Certificate in Biblical Exposition

Aug 26-30, 2019

Preaching Ezra : Return and Rebuild

Preaching James : A living faith works

Preaching Revelation 2-3: Christ’s Exhortations to His Church

Nov 18-22, 2019

Preaching Prophecy – Isaiah:

Preaching 1 John:

Preaching Revelation: