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Preachers Academy will be in English and Tamil from 6th Tue to 9th Thu September 2022 at Tiruttani, Tamil Nadu and will be available online.  Please apply online to attend the Preachers Academy online.

If you are interested in applying for the Certificate in Expository Preaching you must choose that option at the bottom of the application. Please note the Certificate in Expository Preaching requires attending 8 consecutive (3 or 5 day) Preachers Academy Sessions and will require academic information and character recommendation.  Attendance of all classes is mandatory along with the submission of assignments.

Important: Enrollment is selective and limited; therefore, please submit all materials as early as possible.

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    Are you applying for the Certificate in Expository Preaching? [You must attend 8 consecutive Preachers Academy Courses with attendance and assignments that are mandatory and other information will be required]

    Standards of Conduct

    The Pastoral Training Seminary is for earnest Christians who are preparing for Christian leadership and are sensitive to the many principles for holy living which are found in the Bible. Students are required to abstain from the use of illegal drugs, tobacco, beverages for intoxication, and any forms of worldly entertainment which are inconsistent with a holy life.

    Doctrinal Statement

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